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"Coaching can help you to untangle complex issues, test different scenarios and take the best action".
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Franklin’s evidence based approach to coaching positions him among the best in the profession. While targeting your leadership impact, his first ambition is to truly understand your profile and identify what mental models drive your leadership. Psychometric tools will be used in combination with observation and state of the art leadership concepts.

Coaching engagements usually last for several months. They will be maximum tailored towards your leadership ambitions and challenges.

Below are examples of coaching requests:

  • How to make the transition from senior management to top executive level successfully? What do I need to learn, to stop, and how can I do that?
  • What to adapt in my leadership style to increase collaboration and strategic focus in my team?
  • How to create synergy with other departments and not get trapped in internal politics or power dynamics?

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To Unblocking Performance

Unblocking Performance

What is keeping me from break-away performance?
To Career Progression

Career Progression

Am I where I want to be?
To Executive transitions

Executive transitions

At crossroads or planning the next step in your professional carreer?